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Collect videos, images, text & sound with our bookmarklet.

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By Peter Szakal(3:40)

Made with Soo Meta
cover picture from: flickr.com

What's your new story about?

Just enter a great title than press create. Copy/paste your best Youtube, Vimeo or any image URLs and mix them into a new story. Or use the Soo Cut bookmarklet (in the top right menu) to collect perfect website morsels that fit most to the story you want to tell. Trim the video, enlarge the image, crop the text you are using to express exactly what you’ve wanted. You are directing this movie.

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Choose the color wisely. The highlight color should be rather bright because the text color is always dark.
Import an image by pasting its URL into the input field above or choose an existing image you've already collected from the right.

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Mix RSS feeds into one with Chimpfeedr Audio tips: Present Wave (Heiko Laux), Offshore Funk (Cinematique), Interplanetery Jazz (Funk D'Void) save & preview >>

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Because you need to put new videos into new chapters however you can use multiple pictures and text within one chapter. Learn more about story scheme.