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Noise of Art:
Ghosts and Dead Witches
Now playing from Dan Davies

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Quick overview

    • Russolo argues that the human ear has become accustomed to the noise of the urban industrial soundscape. This new sonic palette requires a new approach to musical instrumentation and composition incorporating electronics.
      • This is the first time Eccentronic Research Council has played in London (having turned down every previous offer) and will be only chance to see the cross-platform band perform their acclaimed ‘1612 Underture’ in the Capital.
      • This all night anti-club also features: Fil OK (Nag Nag Nag) Deadstock 33s (Justin Robertson) Jim Stanton (The Cock) Scottee (Anti Social) Ben Osborne (Noise of Art) Your Mum Mark Scott Wood
    • Video: Another Witch is Dead - The Eccentronic Research Council ft Maxine Peake



    Noise of Art: Ghosts and Dead WitchesNow playing from Dan Davies

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